> INTER/her

Intimate immersive journey inside the female body

INTER/her is a sensory and emotional experience which looks from the inside out within in the virtual womb. This VR work is accompanied by a wearable haptic garment providing a visceral vibration responsive experience on the lower abdomen. 

> Videos

In progress.

> Gallery

> Timeline

2019 – 2021

> Collaborators

  • Dr. Camille Baker – Artist
  • Maf’j Alverez – Technical Designer

> Abstract

INTER/her is an intimate, immersive and VR installation that explores of the inner world of over 40’s women’s bodies and the reproductive diseases they suffer: endometriosis, fibroids, polyps, Ovarian and other cysts, cervical, ovarian, uterine and endometrial cancers and the lack of clear medical information/ support they face.

It is explored through a feminist lens, as personal exploration, public education, and community building, positioning the physical body as a site to explore psychological issues of womanhood, identity and the sense of self, exploring the body. 

> Partners

  • UCA / University for the Creative Arts

> Budget / Funding

  • £2,485 / UCA, 2019/20 (Round 1)
  • £2,000 / UCA, 2020/21 (Round 2)

> Outcomes / Impact

In progress.

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