> Sensory Spaces: Academic–SME Fellowship Collaboration

StoryFutures AHRC Creative Cluster

Sensory Spaces is a fellowship collaboration for the StoryFutures AHRC Creative Cluster, part of UCA’s (University for the Creative Arts) participation in the larger consortium. 

> Videos

In progress.

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> Timeline

May 2020- October 2020

> Collaborators

  • Ivan Isakov – Innovator / Fellow
  • Dr Birgitta Hosea – Academic Collaborator
  • Dr. Camille Baker – Academic Collaborator

> Abstract

Sensory Spaces fellowship collaboration for the StoryFutures AHRC Creative Cluster, is part of UCA’s participation in the larger consortium. I am participating as an academic fellow on the Future of Storytelling scheme, alongside UCA colleague Dr Birgitta Hosea, in collaboration with CTO and co-founder of Valkyrie Industries, Dr Ivan Isakov.

The project involves research on haptic and sensory experience and the further development of a toolkit for sculpting in virtual reality using haptic gloves by the team.  

> Partners

  • Royal Holloway University
  • UCA / University For The Creative Arts
  • Valkyrie Industries

> Budget / Funding

  • £5,000 via the StoryFutures project, lead by Royal Holloway University.

> Outcomes / Impact

A haptic VR sculpting tool that enables non-experts accessible entry into 3D modelling and 3D animation creation.

> Further Information